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Everything You Need to Know About Ring Resizing


Resizing a ring is a common procedure, often necessary due to weight fluctuations or receiving an incorrectly sized ring. At Moira Antique Jewelry, we understand the importance of a perfect fit, which is why we offer resizing services exclusively for our rings at the time of purchase.

Our online store ensures a seamless shopping experience, with resizing options available to customize your ring before it's shipped to you.

Explore our collection today, and if you have any questions about resizing, check out our FAQ section below for more information.

A Guide to Ring Resizing

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Ring Resized?

At our jewelry store, resizing a ring is provided as a complimentary service. We take care of resizing your ring at no extra cost to you.

How Long Does it Take to Resize a Ring?

Resizing an engagement ring or any other type of ring typically takes one to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the work.

How can I determine the ring size?

We provide a size guide on our website to help you determine the right ring size for you or your partner. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, our customer service team is here to help you at all times.

Follow the instructions below to determine your ring size and compare the result with our ring sizing chart. Make sure the band is positioned properly on your finger, as ring sizes are a matter of millimetres.


How to measure rings

Discovering Your Partner’s Ring Size

When it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring, getting the size just right is often a top priority. However, determining your partner’s ring size can feel like navigating a mystery without spoiling the surprise. Luckily, there are several subtle strategies you can try:

1. The Direct Approach: If you’re comfortable with your intentions being known, simply ask your partner directly for their ring size. While it lacks the element of surprise, it’s the most straightforward method.

2. Seek Assistance from Trusted Allies: Enlist the help of one of your partner’s close friends or family members to discreetly gather intel on their ring size. Having a trusted confidant act as your informant can provide valuable insight without arousing suspicion.

3. A Borrowed Sparkle: If your partner already wears a ring on their ring finger, consider “borrowing” it for a day under the guise of admiration. Take the ring to a jeweler to determine its size accurately.

4. The Art of Tracing: For those wary of misplacing their partner’s precious jewelry, a tracing of the ring can serve as a reliable alternative. Carefully trace both the inside and outside of the ring multiple times to ensure accuracy before consulting a jeweler.

Can I adjust the size of my ring at another jewelry store?

Yes, you have the option to adjust the size of your ring at a local jewelry store if you prefer. However, if you choose to take advantage of our resizing service, we will be happy to assist you at no additional cost.

Remember, achieving absolute precision in your partner’s ring size isn’t essential when purchasing an engagement ring online. Focus instead on obtaining an approximate size. With the option to resize the ring after the proposal, you can rest assured that it will fit perfectly, symbolizing the beginning of your shared journey together.


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