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Yellow Gold vs White Gold: Which One to Choose for Your Jewelry?

Yellow Gold vs White Gold: Which One to Choose for Your Jewelry?

The choice between yellow gold and white gold is a pivotal decision in the realm of fine jewelry, each possessing its own unique allure and practical considerations. At Moira Antique, we specialize in highlighting the timeless warmth of yellow gold and the contemporary elegance of white gold.

Our curated collection of jewelry is meticulously crafted to showcase the distinct characteristics of each metal, ensuring that every piece not only exudes elegance but also meets our exacting standards of craftsmanship and durability.

In this article, we explore the nuanced differences between yellow gold and white gold, from their composition and color to their durability and maintenance requirements.

Whether you lean towards the classic appeal of yellow gold or the modern sophistication of white gold, understanding these distinctions will empower you to make a choice that resonates with your personal style and preferences.

Differences between yellow and white gold

Yellow gold is the purest form of gold used in jewelry, typically alloyed with metals like copper and zinc to enhance its durability. Its characteristic golden color is iconic and has been prized throughout history for its beauty and richness.

White gold is created by alloying pure gold with white metals like palladium, silver, or nickel, and then coating it with rhodium to give it a white, reflective shine. Its appearance resembles that of platinum but at a lower cost.

Comparative Table

Characteristic Yellow Gold White Gold
Color Warm golden Bright white
Durability Less scratch-resistant More scratch-resistant
Maintenance Low High (rhodium plating required)
Cost Less expensive than white gold More expensive than yellow gold
Style Classic and traditional Modern and versatile
Allergic Reactions Less likely to cause allergies May cause allergies (nickel)


Yellow Gold


1- Classic and Traditional: Yellow gold has a timeless appearance that never goes out of style.

2- Hypoallergenic: Due to its purity, it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

3- Maintenance: Requires less maintenance to keep its color and shine compared to white gold.


1- Durability: Can be softer and more prone to scratching than other gold alloys.

2- Aesthetics: Does not always blend well with certain skin tones or modern styles.

White Gold


1- Modern and Versatile: Its bright white appearance is ideal for contemporary designs and complements well with diamonds and other gemstones.

2- Durability: More resistant to scratches and wear compared to yellow gold.

3- Cost: While more expensive than yellow gold, it is still more affordable than platinum.


1- Maintenance: Needs to be re-plated with rhodium every few years to maintain its shine and color.

2- Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may be allergic to the nickel present in some white gold alloys.

How yellow gold is obtained

For obtaining 18-karat yellow gold, a mixture of 75% pure gold with other metals such as silver and copper in a 25% proportion is used. This specific blend of metals significantly impacts the final color of yellow gold, ranging from more intense hues to softer tones. This alloy imbues yellow gold with its characteristic shine and durability, making it ideal for jewelry pieces that aim to stand out with their unique luminosity.

How white gold is obtained

White gold is obtained by alloying 75% pure gold with other metals such as palladium and silver, and sometimes nickel. This combination creates an alloy that provides the characteristic white color of 18-karat white gold. In addition to the alloy, white gold is often coated with rhodium to protect it from external agents and enhance its unique brightness.

Therefore, the choice between yellow gold and white gold is not only about aesthetic preferences but also practical considerations such as durability, maintenance, and compatibility with different personal styles. Both metals offer rich tradition and modern versatility that make them suitable for any occasion and taste.

Exploring the possibilities of yellow and white gold is delving into a world of timeless beauty and functionality. These precious metals not only complement a wide range of gemstones but also offer exceptional durability and a unique ability to capture light.

Whether you prefer the classic warmth of yellow gold or the contemporary elegance of white gold, at Moira Antique you will find the inspiration and craftsmanship that transform your jewelry into pieces that endure in both time and personal style.


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